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Dr. Maria Montessori

Dr. Maria Montessori and her Philosophy.

Known as the quotesKnight of the childquotes, Dr. Maria Montessori's work and ideas have helped parents, teachers and all adults to understand the secrets of childhood.

Born in Chiaravelle, Italy on August 31, 1870, Maria Montessori grew up to graduate as the first woman medical doctor of her country. Her interest and observations of the mentally deficient children, lead her to have a deep concern for normal children.

Thereafter at San Lorenzo Rome in 1907, where she was assigned to work with a group of slum children gave a path to a series of discoveries. She saw a
quotesnew childquotes emerging after setting him free in a specially prepared environment.


A vast analysis of the child included, the child displaying love for work, love for independence, love for order, love for repeating the activity till he reached self-confidence and self-perfection.

The child turned sensitive to environmental and personal cleanliness, felt dignified when he spontaneously exploded into writing, reading and calculations. Discipline came in him from within that lead him to organize himself, which threw light on child’s willpower and brought new strength with a weapon called-WORK.


Apart from the fame of Montessori Method having spread worldwide and her magnificently written books, she also opted to travel around the world, verifying influence and motivating people with her discoveries.

Miss K.E. Taraporewalla was directly trained by Dr. Montessori during First Indian Montessori Training course in 1939 at Adyar, Madras (presently known by Chennai).

So deep was the impact that Miss Taraporewalla opened her own Montessori House of children in 1953 at Hyderabad.

This quoteslittle soldierquotes (as Dr. Montessori called her) tirelessly worked to liberate the child and help her educationally, socially and spiritually.